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Xccept.com is a leading credit card processing service for service-based industries. Our platform allows businesses to easily and securely accept credit card payments from their customers.

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Service Based Businesses Credit Processing

Types of Service-Based businesses that would benefit from credit card processing

There are many different types of service-based businesses that would benefit from credit card processing. Some examples include:

  1. Consulting firms: Consulting firms often provide their services on a project-by-project basis, and credit card processing can help them get paid quickly and easily for each project.
  2. Marketing agencies: Marketing agencies typically work with clients on a retainer basis, and credit card processing can help them receive regular payments from their clients.
  3. Legal firms: Legal firms can use credit card processing to quickly and easily receive payments for their services, such as drafting contracts or providing legal representation.
  4. Graphic design studios: Graphic design studios can use credit card processing to quickly and easily receive payment for their creative services.
  5. IT support companies: IT support companies can use credit card processing to receive payment for their services, such as troubleshooting computer problems or providing technical support.
  6. Freelancers: Freelancers in any industry can benefit from credit card processing, as it allows them to receive payment quickly and easily for their services.

Overall, any service-based business that works with clients on a project or retainer basis could benefit from credit card processing.

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One of the biggest challenges for service-based businesses is getting paid in a timely manner. With Xccept.com, businesses can quickly and easily process credit card payments, ensuring that they get paid for their services as soon as possible. This can be especially useful for businesses that rely on a steady stream of income, such as those in the consulting, marketing, or legal industries.

In addition to fast payment processing, Xccept.com also offers a range of other features that are designed to help service-based businesses manage their finances more efficiently. For example, our platform includes tools for invoicing, expense tracking, and tax preparation, making it easy for businesses to stay on top of their financials.

Another key benefit of Xccept.com is the level of security we provide. Credit card information is encrypted and stored securely, protecting both businesses and their customers from fraud and identity theft. We also offer 24/7 support for businesses that have questions or concerns about their credit card processing.

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Benefits of Free fees processing for small businesses

For small businesses, every penny counts. That’s why free credit card processing can be such a game-changer. With no fees to worry about, small businesses can save money and focus on what matters most: growing their business.

One of the biggest benefits of free credit card processing is that it can help small businesses save money on transaction fees. Every time a business processes a credit card payment, they are typically charged a percentage of the transaction amount as a fee. These fees can add up quickly, especially for businesses that process a large number of transactions. With free credit card processing, small businesses don’t have to worry about these fees, allowing them to keep more of the money they earn.

Another benefit of free credit card processing is that it can help small businesses attract more customers. Many customers prefer to pay with credit cards, as it allows them to easily track their spending and earn rewards points. By offering credit card payment options, small businesses can make it easier for customers to pay, which can lead to increased sales.

In addition to saving money and attracting more customers, free credit card processing can also help small businesses streamline their payment process. With a reliable, user-friendly credit card processing system, businesses can easily and securely accept payments from their customers, without having to worry about fees or technical issues.

Secure and Federally Compliant Surcharging

Feel confident knowing payment collection remains secure and
compliant with state and federal surcharging laws.

Level I PCI Security

Level I PCI Security

Safely collect payments with the latest in transactional security. Interoperability and trouble-free device performance. It’s just as secure as other online credit card processing systems.

State Level Compliance Support

State Level Compliance Support

Easily ensure compliance with dedicated, expert guidance on meeting state and federal business requirements.

Fully Compliant Surcharge Management

Fully Compliant Surcharge Management

Reduce risk with automated compliance, including itemizing the surcharge on receipts, preventing surcharges on non-credit card transactions, and refunding surcharges on returns. Surcharging while processing credit cards is a simple solution to pay processing fees without hurting your bottom line.

Overall, Xccept.com is a valuable resource for service-based businesses looking to streamline their payment processing and manage their finances more effectively. With our fast, secure, and user-friendly platform, businesses can focus on delivering great service to their customers, rather than worrying about getting paid. So, if you are a service-based business looking to improve your payment processing, give Xccept.com a try!


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