From coffee shops to retail stores, Xccept is the mobile payment solution for you!

Today, mobile payments are becoming more popular. Consumers are ditching their wallets in favor of their smartphones, and businesses need to be able to keep up. That’s where Xccept comes in! We offer a mobile POS solution designed to be as versatile as you are.

Mobile payment services have become essential, with more small businesses opening and companies reaching out to a mobile audience. We proudly offer mobile payment options for small businesses and those that need to accept mobile payments. These mobile payment systems:

  • Take payments anywhere, anytime
  • Use contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Key in transactions or swipe cards
  • Get the power to take mobile payments with you wherever you go
Mobile Payment Solution

See how easy it is to take payments on the go

User-friendly features make it easy to accept credit card payments on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Your mobile payment solution works anywhere with an Internet-enabled device.


Quick add to cart make it a snap to charge any account


Save cards on file to checkout repeat customers faster

One Tap Payment

Make tipping easier and more convenient for the customer

All the features you need to run your business

Our mobile payment solutions are packed with advanced features designed to make running your business easier than ever. When implementing our mobile payment processing system, you are in complete control. You can take advantage of integral features that make selling online more convenient for you and safer for your customers. It’s the perfect solution for all businesses. You’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Offline mode lets you take payments anywhere even with poor cell reception
  • Settings for tips, taxes, signature prompts, and more are all customizable to you business
  • Easily void transactions, issue full or partial refunds to keep you business running smoothlyCustomizable to you business
Mobile Payments

Conveniently accept payments from anywhere

Accept payments anytime on the go with the ability to connect to Bluetooth-enabled mobile readers and process payments straight from the Xccept Mobile App. It’s the best mobile payment solutions to streamline the payment process.

Mobile Point Of Sale

IOS & Android App

Instantly turn your phone or tablet into a mobile Point of Sale. Create and send invoices. The app is easy to install and use to accept mobile payments from anywhere.

Swipe or Tap

Swipe or Tap

Easily swipe or insert a credit card and accept contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Enjoy the most convenient mobile payment options for small businesses.

Scan or Key Payments

Scan or Key Payments

Accept keyed payments right from the mobile app dashboard using the built-in smartphone camera. You won’t find simpler mobile payment systems.

Email Or Text Receipts

Email Or Text Receipts

Increase customer loyalty and brand. Send a receipt via email or SMS text message after a transaction. The entire mobile payment processing is branded to your business to improve customer satisfaction.

Xccept merchant insights tool, you’ll have access to in-depth business insights that will help you make more informed decisions about your business. Our mobile payment services target your unique needs and ensure you stand apart from your competitors with the best payment solutions. When you accept mobile payments, your customers will trust you can provide the service they need.

Negotiate Crredit card Processing fees

Analytics to run business better

  • Collect and edit customer contact info in one convenient place to streamline your marketing efforts
  • Track purchase history down to the customer level and discover new ways to promote and sell more
  • Instantly see which products and services are your best sellers and grow your business

If your business isn’t set up to accept mobile payments, you’re limiting your customers and won’t generate the revenue you want. With our mobile payment systems, you can accept payments wherever you are, allowing you to sell to customers at trade shows, in the field, or anywhere without taking their information and transporting them to a static POS in your business. When you can accept payments anywhere, you will grow your customer base and increase your revenue with less effort. Learn more about our mobile payment options for small businesses and why we’re the best choice to improve your business and attract more customers.

With our mobile payment solution, you’ll be able to take payments anywhere and anytime your customers need them. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today and see how Xccept can help you grow.


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