Simplify and grow with a one-stop restaurant POS system

Our customers love Xccept because we make it easy for restaurants of any size to manage and accept payments. Already have a POS terminal? Great! Our payment solutions integrate easily and we offer added benefits like:

  • Tableside ordering
  • Employee management & scheduling
  • Easy set up
  • Works with any existing terminal
Restaurant POS System

Everything It Takes For a Restaurant to Win.


Inventory Management

Organize and track your inventory whenever it runs low and identify your best-selling product.


Fraud Prevention

Close the doors to fraudulent activities by tracking each employee’s status, sales, and tips.


Custom Alerts

Get an alert notification on every purchase, tip, or order and customize it to your liking.

24/7 Expert Live Help

Discount Creation

Generate and manage discounts on specific items and track the impression of sales.

Sustain Your Business with the Right Set of Tools

A restaurant isn’t just about the food but a whole experience. Our restaurant POS will assist you with managerial, operational, and payment procedures allowing you to keep on serving perfect plate after plate. Let’s look at how Xccept can assist in streamlining your restaurant needs..

1. Sync Your House Operations without Overlapping

Sync your back of the house and front of the house operations together in one smooth dashboard. Oftentimes when attempting these schedules and conflicts can arise, but not when Xccept is on the call with the right set of tools. We have determined the most common issues and integrated our solution for both BOH and FOH in the same way.

The regular operations dashboard and POS tools help you initiate effective floor plans,manage customers, supplies, and orders accordingly. You can customize orders and add modifications with a few taps rather than starting the entire order from the start.

  • Seamless Operations
  • Flexible Modifications
  • Easy to Function
  • Time Management
Sync Your House Operations
Flexible Tracking & Payment Procedures

2. Flexible Tracking & Payment Procedures

You can easily track employees, sales, inventory, customers, orders, and more. Our POS technology offers flexible tracking for your restaurant. Get notifications to re-order the supplies before they run out. Easily manage employee performance by analyzing sales data for each employee’s sales.

Xccept simplifies the operations for you and your customers. Customer wants to split the bill? No problem Xccept makes it easy to split checks and change tables. Pre-authorized debit and credit cards, and payments even if your internet goes down. You won’t lose another guest or transaction due to poor connectivity anymore. Even the refunds work by phone, and payments are flexible.

  • Service never stops
  • No payment hassles
  • Track employee performance
  • Improve customer experience

3. Welcome to 4x Sales with Online Orders

Streamline your online fast food or restaurant to get orders with our simple solution. Once your in-house payment solutions are set up, the online orders will start flooding in. Don’t just serve an online customer but retain one today.

Take orders on your website without any additional charges or monthly fees. Show up as the best option through Google integrations to grab more online orders, manage takeout services, and dine-ins with a single POS system without overlaps.

  • Synced POS for online orders
  • Import menu without hassles
  • Supporting social ad integrations
  • Easy order management
4x Sales with Online Orders
Sale & Employee Management

4. Sale & Employee Management

Get orders from every corner from dine-ins, takeout, curbside, or any third-party integration (Grubhub, UberEats etc) directly on your POS and manage your sales. Operate your team of chefs, bartenders, and wait staff with cost-effective solutions for cutting labor-cost.

Allow employees to clock in and out on your POS while you track their time, overtime, breaks, sales, etc. You can also allow your employees to refund or offer a discount through the same POS. Keep a good record of your revenues and operate accordingly. Manage your entire team through a single system.

  • Manage sales team
  • Update offers & discounts
  • Employee management
  • All in one system

5. Leading Competition with Marketing Insights

There are some ingredients behind every successful dish and data behind every reaction. Xccept brings marketing data, tactics, and insights to your table to finally leave your biggest competitor behind. Play with the analytics, insights and strategies and build custom marketing campaigns for your ideal customers.

Time to get a handful of entire business aspects functioning with detailed analysis, evaluation, and current positioning of your business. Manage real-time sales and invent ways to overcome promotional hurdles. It is time to lead!

  • Real-time reporting
  • Customer insight
  • Custom ad campaigns
  • Track email & social media
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Time to balance needs, expectations, and budget for your business growth. Get started with our restaurant POS software and tools to help grow your business. Xccept is here to take care of the technical aspects of your restaurant.
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Current Monthly Processing Bonus Levels

  • $500,000 > = $2,000
  • $250,000 > = $1,000
  • $100,000 > = $750
  • $25,000 > = $500
  • $1000 > = $250

Everything Is In One Place – Manage, Operate & Enjoy!

Your expertise is serving scrumptious meals, and we will serve ours with the best restaurant POS for your gourmet arena. No more delays and mismanagement in your restaurant!

  • Customize floor plans according to operational range
  • Error elimination through conversational modifiers
  • Operating orders and payments from any corner of the floor
  • Customizing receipts of customers within seconds
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You decide which plan works best for you. Cancel at any time with no penalties.


No Haggle Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and clear. No hidden fees or surprises.

Save Money

Save money

Our mission is to drive the cost of accepting payments down.

Xccept offers an all-in-one solution for your restaurant business to grow. Say goodbye to managing hassles, payment errors, and operational headaches you encounter every day in your restaurant.

The new era of restaurant POS is here!